Our Philosophy


 Our method is to engage the public in solutions-oriented dialogue that effects change, and ultimately yields tangible outcomes.

Our History


WCHC has developed a track of success by advocating on behalf of homeowners of Westchester County, in six key areas:  property taxes, fiscal reform, education, community preservation & the environment, and quality of life.

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In the 2011 legislative session, we were pleasantly surprised, but proud, to see that Governor Cuomo introduced legislation that mirrored components of our Bill from the previous year-- specifically, the 2% TAX CAP. However, the tax cap as a solo act, even after passing the Senate, was not practical or viable for communities around the state without corresponding measures to contain cost. 

That is why WCHC evolved its 2011 strategy, at its meeting in May, to go beyond legislation to include the call for a Regional Cost Sharing initiative. The program was built on WCHC’s “Dollars for Shared Services” concept that was part of our bill A3521 and targeted the cities of Mount Vernon, New Rochelle and White Plains as a first or pilot step.  

 On September 28th 2011, the Westchester County Board of Legislators’ Government Reform for Efficiency and Savings Committee endorsed the concept of Shared Services as a vehicle to lowering operating costs of municipalities - see WCHC News for details. We continued the effort to promote shared services in communities that were receptive.

In 2014, governor Cuomo offered a tax rebate to property owners within the state whose communities held their levies below the 2% tax cap.  In response, WCHC held the first southern Westchester Summit-- Living within the Tax – which featured six municipality leaders and headlined by E J McMahon from NY State Empire for Public Policy.  See past videos on the site for the full length presentation.

We invite all residents to participate in these thought-leadership initiatives to help shape local, regional and state public policy.   

Please explore our site to find the schedule of our upcoming meetings and events. Become part of the solution…join us, or send us an email about how you can contribute.