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Healthcare & Drug Prices

Posted July 17, 2017

Improve Health Care by Controlling Drug Prices

The Healthcare Solution & Strategy

Posted June 16, 2017

Albany Times Union: Medication Price Cuts a Good First Step to Affordability

Pharmacy Choice: Sometimes the Co-Pay is  More Than the Price



Posted November 1, 2014


Schools, municipalities must team up for tech infrastructure


Tree Ordinance

Posted June 26, 2014


Mt Vernon citizens form Tree Ordinance Committee


Living within the Tax Cap

Posted April 8, 2014


 Published by the Mount Vernon Inquirer

County Legislators Maintain Leadership in Fostering Shared Services 

Posted September  26, 2013


Democratic Legislators Maintain Leadership in Fostering Shared Services, Saving Tax Dollars 

Sitting on Bankruptcy Row

Posted  November 29, 2012


Published by the Westchester Guardian


Plan to build Mount Vernon apartments fuels fightover neighborhood 'character'

Posted Feburary 23, 2012


Residents are fighting a proposed 18-unit apartment building they fear willstrain sewers, wipe out parking and displace wildlife near their Oakwood Heights homes.

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